About us

The Kulinda Project is an initiative of Zawadi Décor South Africa (Est.1996).

Faced with increasing global donor fatigue, it has become vital to find new and innovative fundraising methods, to support the many organisations engaged in caring for our planet, 

Key to the success of the Kulinda Project is to offer the discerning buyer great value whilst allocating a meaningful portion of the sales to wildlife conservation and community upliftment programmes on a sustainable basis.

This project took over 2 years to develop, and has been made possible by the generous co-operation of everyone involved in developing this collection. Our special thanks also go to FedEx for their support and collaboration.



By insisting on sustainable materials and manufacturing methods, we offer environmentally friendly décor that accelerates the future of a conscious living style. Our new designs replace traditional materials such as hardwoods (which deplete our natural resources), with recycled and recyclable materials that also lend an innovative flair, taking décor design to a vibrant new level of expression.