1. What is the meaning of Kulinda?

The word “Kulinda” is Swahili meaning “to protect”.

2. How does the Free Transport coupon code work?
The coupon code entitles you to the free delivery (worldwide) when entered at check out and applies to the total order purchased.
3. Is the coupon code transferrable?
Yes, the coupon code is transferrable and does not expire. It can be used for numerous times when re-ordering.
4. How long will the delivery take?
International courier normally takes between 7 to 14 days.
Local South African deliveries take 3 to 4 days.
5. Will there be any additional charges?
The prices shown are excluding South African VAT, however international import taxes will be applied depending on the country.
For local South African purchases, 15% VAT will be added, but a 15% discount is applicable due to the savings on international courier charges.
Free delivery to South African purchases will apply.
6. Does Free Transport include insurance?
Yes, the free transport includes comprehensive insurance.
7. What happens if a piece I order is marked as “on back order”?
In the event a piece is on back order, you shall be notified of the expected date it is back in stock.
Our sculptures are cast on a regular basis and normally the waiting period is a maximum of 8 weeks.
8. What are the return policies?
In the unlikely event of any damaged item received, once verified, we will replace the item provided:
A) We are notified of the issue within 48 hours of receipt of goods.
B) Photographs of the damaged item are required, for insurance purposes.
C) The goods are immediately made available for our courier to collect.
9. How does Kulinda distribute the payments to the various beneficiaries?

The coupon code for the free transport is uniquely allocated to each beneficiary, and 25% of each sale made with that code will be assigned to that beneficiary.
The significant donation of 25% has been made possible thanks to all partners in this project contributing, and are unrestricted funds for the beneficiaries. Furthermore, each order received with that coupon code is automatically emailed to that beneficiary for their records and full transparency.
Payments are then made to them monthly.

10. How do the prices on Kulinda compare to shops and galleries?
Kulinda’s pricing structure on these exceptional items is in line with normal proposed retail prices applied by the art galleries and exclusive décor stores that stock these pieces.
11. Which NPO will benefit from my purchase if I use a coupon code not directly linked to those listed on the Kulinda website ?
Kulinda pools all these purchases into a central fund, and then evenly distributes the contribution portion to the NPO’s listed, every 3 months.
12. How does Kulinda decide on which beneficiaries to support ?
The beneficiaries that Kulinda supports are carefully vetted based on thorough research of the work they do, the percentage of donations used, their board of trustees, and the support they receive from various sources.