Cheetah Stalking – silver & black


Kulinda silver-plated cheetah as featured on ‘ZOZO’, a £17M 40 meter Sunseeker superyacht

Height = 27cm/11in.  Length = 115cm/45in.  Weight = 11kg/24lbs
This cheetah sculpture is portrayed in the typical stalking posture just prior to the chase of its prey that will see it achieve a top speed of over 100 kph (60mph) in just 3 seconds!
Despite this, its hunting success rate is only between 40% to 50% which is low compared to the other big cats.

What makes Kulinda Sculptures unique ? 


This cheetah silver-plated bronze sculpture is ideal to grace those larger interior spaces of a home or corporate environment and is sure to become a talking point. Contemporary decor.

This cheetah sculpture is crated for export, and safely shipped with FedEx worldwide.